Buying or selling a home is not an easy job, and you need the help of REALTORS® to do these transactions effectively and smoothly. In today’s world, all the information you want is available online and you may want to try to buy or sell your home yourself to save a few dollars on commissions, but what is more likely to happen is a mistake that will be made on one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

Here are 7 strong reasons to use a REALTOR®:

1) Paperwork becomes easy and hassle free:

Buying a home is not easy. It is a complicated process, especially when it comes to the paperwork. REALTORS® will take care of all the necessary paperwork required for buying and selling properties. They not only get everything you need together, but also help you fill out the required forms, documents and then make sure all your submissions are done on time. If you have never seen all the paperwork that goes into buying or selling a property, the stack is intimidating and a small mistake can lead to a big loss, or worse, the cancellation of your deal!

2) Access to local knowledge:

REALTORS® can help you with their knowledge of different areas and their associated amenities. When buying a home, you must consider not just the property itself, but the neighbourhood as well. A good REALTOR®  will know all about the local schools, parks, hospitals (and doctors offices/clinics), shopping malls, grocery stores, etc, . Having the opinion of a local expert can go a long way when doing your due diligence. Their local knowledge will help you make a decision you would have otherwise hated had you not had the knowledge of your real estate professional.

3) Negotiation:

A small percentage price change during negotiation may save you thousands of dollars in both the short and long run. Clearly money matters, and getting the chance to negotiate is not that easy without a realtor, especially when many people don’t even have that skillset. Selling your home needs solid negotiation skills to make the final decision turn in your favor. REALTORS® are helpful during the critical negotiations in all real estate transactions. You don’t need more stress when buying or even selling a home so having someone to do the negotiation for you is a huge bonus.

4) Representation of your home:

If you are selling your home, your REALTOR’S® job is to present your home and expose it to the maximum number of potential buyers. Representing your home to a captive audience and closing the sale is the sole responsibility of your REALTOR®. They make appointments for showings, host open houses, and recommend anything that may increase the property value, amongst a wide array of other things. Someone who has successfully sold multiple homes understands what few tweaks are required to vastly increase both your curb appeal and property value.

5) Hunting for individual features:

Finding all the right aspects of a home is a challenge. Maybe you want a big swimming pool in your backyard, maybe you are seeking a fenced-in yard for your cute little dog, or maybe you need a playroom for your children. It is very difficult to find all the things you may be looking for yourself. With the help of a REALTOR® however, you can hand them a list and it is their job to ensure that your home has everything you want it to have. The benefits of having someone hold your hand from the very beginning of the buying process to the end are easy to overlook but once you are in the process, it is a huge weight off your back.

6) Adhering to proper ethics:

When you work with a REALTOR®, you are working with a professional who works within a strict set of ethical guidelines. The Realtor Code of Ethics is in place to ensure that anyone who works with REALTORS® are treated ethically in all transactions. Go ahead, give it a read and see why you need an actual professional!

7) A REALTOR® can help you smoothly close the transaction:

My REALTOR® will find me a home. What happens after that?

Don’t worry, it’s your REALTOR® who will help you even after the sale and provide support during the closing; ensuring that both parties – buyer and seller – have received the proper documentation to completely close the transaction with no loose endings. Using a REALTOR® is a good practice, and as far as we are considered, just common sense! No matter what part of Vancouver Island, Denman Island, or Salt Spring Island you are buying or selling property in, we have a REALTOR® for you. Talk to one of our professionals today!