If you’ve never visited the Comox Valley then what on earth are you waiting for? People of all ages can enjoy themselves in this up-and-coming area, from the shopping and easy pace of living to the many recreational activities in the area, there’s something for everyone.


History of the Comox Valley

In 1861, Comox Valley became the hot spot in the area as people were highly encouraged to move there instead of settling in areas like mainland Vancouver. In fact, land was actually sold at only $1 per acre (even a steal of a deal back in those days!). Early settlers quickly set up farms and fisheries and later discovered coal in the area.

For years, the only way in and out of the Comox Valley (except for long, narrow, winding treacherous dirt roads) was by sea. Goose Spit, therefore, became a stop for the Royal Navy Training Base and saw many Navy ships over the years. However, Comox eventually opened the Royal Canadian Air Force Base which is now the area’s largest employer. In 1910, a proper connecting road was built and four short years later, the E&N Railway started arriving in the Comox Valley, finally fully connecting it with Victoria and the lower island.

After a small recession in the 1980s, the area has been growing in population and size, and Comox Valley has boomed in the past 30 years.


What Exactly Makes Up the Comox Valley?

The Comox Valley is not strictly made up of the Town of Comox. The Valley also includes the City of Courtenay, the Village of Cumberland, and the unincorporated settlements of Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Royston, Merville and Black Creek. It’s actually a little-known fact to most outsiders that Hornby Island and Denman Island are also considered to be part of the Comox Valley!


Outdoor Living

If you’re into outdoor activities, the Comox Valley is a great spot for you. Plenty of parks, golf courses, trails, river floats and beaches to play and relax. And, of course, no one can talk about the Comox Valley without mentioning the incredible areas of Strathcona Provincial Park and Mount Washington Alpine Resort.


Shopping and Eating

The “main drag” roads in both Comox and Cumberland boast a variety of locally-owned pubs, coffee shops and bakeries which are all popular stops when you’re in the area. In Courtenay, 5th Street is a boutique lovers paradise as plenty of unique shops and local eateries are located on this street and in the blocks surrounding. Books, clothes, toys, coffee, chocolate, crazy knickknacks — you’ll find it all in Downtown Courtenay.

Since the Comox Valley is located on the coast of Vancouver Island, seafood is local, fresh and abundant in the area. In June, locals and visitors flock to the annual BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival learning — and tasting — sustainable seafood prepared by the area’s top chefs.


Arts and Culture

The Comox Valley boasts plenty of local artists in all mediums — painters, writers, musicians, and many more. The picturesque vibrant yet laid-back community is a fantastic muse for artists and the many festivals held throughout the year prove this.

The Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds plays host to the 3-day annual Vancouver Island Music Fest which showcases not only local acts, but many other Canadian favourites as well.


Want More Information?

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